A Story About Craftsmanship

Our story began more than sixty years ago when Edward Hill jotted his first order onto an old playing card packet. Throughout this time, our family business has been committed to retaining the strongest possible values, today that story remains. Heritage, Innovation and Craftsmanship continue to form the foundation of our never-ending commitment.

Our Story

Every Process Is Important

We’re passionate about willow, this is reflected in everything we do, from the tiny tender shoots we plant and nurture, to the final piece of willow we craft into a wicker coffin as a finishing touch. Every detail matters and this ensures we deliver nothing less than an exceptional product.

Environmentally Friendly

You can take comfort knowing our willow coffins are the mindful choice for the environmentally conscious. Willow has long been known for its positive environmental benefits, particularly it’s renewable and ecological properties. Willow is a sound alternative to conventional materials.

The Environment