Who We Are

Somerset Willow has spanned over four generations, ensuring a wealth of knowledge and traditional skills have been passed down through the Hill family. Today we are the custodians of long-held values, as well as helping to keep the traditional age-old craft of basket weaving alive. Because we are a family business, we believe that we do things differently.


Heritage is hugely important to us. It’s about keeping true to the values that arose right from the start and doing so with consideration, compassion and courtesy in mind. We foster our organisational culture at Somerset Willow to remain family spirited.


Our philosophy for vision and change is what sets us apart. We are proud innovators, constantly pushing the boundaries and taking up challenges. This is demonstrated through all the strange and wonderful things we have produced.


Craftsmanship runs deep in the veins of our work. You can see it in the products we make, the value it brings to our customers and the quality it provides. This craftsmanship passed through four generations, is at the heart of Somerset Willow.

Meet the family

Family is at the centre of Somerset Willow, it’s where it began and has brought the company to where it is today. Beginning with Edward Hill and his son Aubrey, the pair started Somerset Willow, laying the groundwork for what was to become a family business to be passed through four generations of the Hill family.

Aubrey’s son Darrell was next to take the baton, leading the company through growth and evolution, along with sister Karen, and wife Heidi. Before long, Darrell’s son Anthony joined the family trade and brought about digital transformation, growing the business further. Each generation with their role to play in the progression of the company we see today.

The team behind Somerset Willow

We consider all our staff at Somerset Willow part of the family, each person with skills and expertise paramount to the success of the business. From our customer relations staff to our willow craftsman, each is valued for their fundamental role in providing our customers with unparalleled service.