Questions & Answers

We receive frequent questions about our Somerset Willow Coffins. You can see answers to popular questions by scrolling down this page. Alternatively, if you have a question not covered below please speak to us using our contact page

How long does it take to deliver a Somerset Willow Coffin?

Standard sizes take 24 hours to deliver, custom sizes take 48 hours, painted finishes will deliver in 72 hours.

Are your coffins suitable for cremations?

All our willow coffins have been FFMA certified and approved for Burial and Cremation.  You can see the status of our certification by visiting the FFMA website

How much does one of your Somerset Willow Coffins cost?

Prices depend on the style and size of the coffin that you have chosen.  We supply our coffins direct through Funeral Directors, to get a price for one of our Somerset Willow Coffins please contact your local funeral director or funeral arranger who can advise directly. If you encounter any issues obtaining a price please get in contact with us by using the contact form on our contact us page.

Can you accommodate large sizes?

Yes, we can accommodate larger sizes, we make our Somerset Willow Coffins to order based on the size given to us. Our coffins have been tested to lift up to 30 stone (190 kg) in weight.

How do I buy one of your Somerset Willow Coffins?

Please see the How to order page of our website for more information on sourcing one of our Somerset Willow Coffins.

What is the difference between the Buff and the Weatherbeaten Gold™ willow?

The Buff willow is a chestnut brown colour and the Weatherbeaten Gold™ willow is a lighter, blonde colour.

How long does it take to make a Somerset Willow Coffin?

Depending on the skill level it takes on average about two days for one of our Willow Craftsman to make a Somerset Willow Coffin.  See a video of one of our Somerset Willow Coffins being made

Does adding coloured bands and coloured handle options increase cost?

There is no extra cost for customising our coffins with different coloured bands and coloured handles.  View our Finishing Touches page for more information on the finishing of our coffins.

Are your coffins suitable for green burial?

Yes, all our willow coffins are suitable for natural and green burial.  Our coffins are fully biodegradable and they don’t use harmful glues, lacquers and metals in the manufacture. You can see a list of Natural Burial sites by using our Find A Natural Burial Site page

Can any Funeral Director source your willow coffins?

Yes, almost all Funeral Directors are able to deal with us directly to carry out the family’s wishes.  It’s easy for a Funeral Director who hasn’t worked with us before to place an order and set up an account.

Is the base on your coffin suitable for cremation?

The base on our willow coffins is made from smooth wood to aid the charging of our coffins during the cremation process.  This has been checked and certified by the FFMA for use in crematoriums.

Which materials do you use in the manufacture of your coffin linings?

The cotton used within our interior set is made from unbleached calico cotton.  The waterproof lining is made from compostable cornstarch film and certified by “OK Compost” and
“Din Certco” according to the European standard EN13432

What information is required for the inscription of one of your wooden nameplates?

If your willow coffin is intended for cremation then it is likely the deceased name will be required on the coffin by way of a nameplate, which is then attached to the lid of the coffin.  This then allows the coffin to be identified within the crematorium.  Families are able to add the deceased age, date of death and a small message such as Rest In Peace or similar.

I live outside of the UK, are you able to supply me with one of your Somerset Willow Coffins?

Yes, we can arrange to make and send your Somerset Willow Coffin to almost any country internationally. We would strongly suggest you check your local laws around burial requirements before ordering.  We can provide airfreight shipments to most countries within 24-48 hours from dispatch.