Our Craftsmanship

We take craftsmanship seriously; it’s the seed that started our journey and is what enables us to flourish today. Craftsmanship is woven into all the quality coffins we make, a result of traditional skills passed down through four generations over 60 years and runs deep within the veins of our work.

Quality Matters

From the willow use in our products to the packaging keeping them safe, we pay attention to every aspect of the offering we bring to our customers. Every detail holds importance and with strict quality control measures, we can be sure you will receive nothing but the very best willow coffin.

Teaching is Key

Each willow craftsman is highly skilled, having been trained for a minimum of five years, making sure we continue to uphold a high level of quality in every product. By investing in our people, we ensure our customers receive the highest-quality coffins and preserve the traditional skills passed onto each apprentice, keeping the age-old craft of basket weaving alive.

Every Process is Important

The willow used in our coffins undergoes a lengthy process before it can be used in basketmaking. Each process is labour-intensive and requires incredible attention to detail. From start to finish, every step is taken seriously.

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We Take Pride

At every stage of the manufacturing process, from the moment the willow is planted until the last wand is woven, feel reassured that we take the greatest care to provide families with the finest and most beautiful wicker coffins and the most attentive service. We hope we can provide the best possible tribute to a loved one.