Questions and Answers

How long does it take to deliver a Somerset Willow Coffin?

Standard sizes take about 24 hours to deliver, bespoke sizes take 48 hours.

Are your coffins suitable for cremation?

All of our willow coffins and caskets are suitable for Burial, Green Burial and Cremation.

How much are willow coffins?

As we supply our Willow coffins direct to the funeral profession we don’t unfortunately have a fixed retail price.  For the approximate retail price of our Somerset Willow Coffins please contact us.

Can you accommodate very large sizes?

Yes, we can accommodate very large sizes, we make our Somerset Willow Coffins to order based on the size given to us. Our coffins have been tested to lift up to 30 stone (190 kg) in weight.

How do I buy one of your Somerset Willow Coffins?

Please visit the How To Order page on this site for more information on sourcing one of our Somerset Willow Coffins.