The Living Coffin®

The story of The Living Coffin started over twenty years ago. A journey full of innovation and passion to succeed in transforming the ordinary.


Our journey began in 1998 when we made the UK’s first ever commercial willow coffin. Along the way we have refined, created, pushed boundaries and innovated, it’s ingrained in our very fabric to find new ways of doing things. The skills we’ve honed over 60 years of dedication have led us to our latest creation.


Handcrafted using natural and biodegradable willow, The Living Coffin is made using revolutionary techniques. Each willow wand is kept alive using an intelligent system, enabling the continued growth of the willow and its leaves to form this beautiful, naturally foliaged living coffin. It is a fascinating concept, encapsulating a patchwork combination of both a beginning and an end, a World-First in its own right.


The innovative system used requires only minimal maintenance and care up until the time of its use. The Living Coffin can shoulder a maximum weight of 25 Stone (160kg), and is suitable for green burial and standard burial.



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